When you lose control of your schedule

On Monday after my swim, I sat in the steam room for 30 minutes. I LOVE the steam room and my plan was to write a blog about how great it is to sit in the steam room and think about nothing. I felt so good by the end of Monday, I had plans of hitting it again that week, where I would clear my mind and find true peace, but then I lost control of my schedule.

I should have seen this coming. Last week I got a flat tire (in my car) on my way to the bike shop to pick up  my road bike in hopes of making it to a group ride that night. Well, that idea was ruined, and come to find out I actually needed four new tires that I couldn’t get until this week.

Monday, it started out simple, while I sat in the steam room, no one went grocery shopping.

So Tuesday was a crunch with workouts, working, and grocery shopping. My day ended much later than planned.

Can’t you see where this is headed? Every day, just a little bit more delayed, and because I try to get 8 hours of sleep each night, the next day suffers.

The blows keep coming, my 8 AM meeting on Thursday was pushed to the afternoon, of course I found out after I was already at work, and afternoon meetings never end on time do they?

Friday my one hour tire change turned into two hours, yay! By Friday night, I was desperate for a glass of wine. I can’t keep rushing around like this! I was out of control.

Then the cherry on top, USADA appeared at the end of my swim practice on Saturday morning. Have you ever tried peeing in a cup in front of a stranger when you’re dehydrated? Yeah. I couldn’t even muster a dribble. So we all sat there for 90 minutes staring at each other until I had to pee so bad nothing would stand in its way. Not only did this delay my bike ride to noon, but that’s also when the rain started.

Luckily it’s a long weekend and I have Monday to get myself on track. I’m hoping this week I’ve done my time for all unexpected schedule changes and the remainder of the season will be relaxed and predictable!

And when I finally write a post about the steam room, you’ll know it’s been a great week.



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