March Update

I promise I did start writing something over a week ago about that ten miler I raced but it just didn’t feel that inspired. I ran a 10 miler, it went pretty well, but I’m still not totally sure I’m ready to race ironman in 4 weeks. 4 weeks!! This brings me to the reason I have been a little MIA on social media lately, it’s because I’ve been training like crazy trying to get ready. It’s not like the volume is anything more than what it normally is, it’s just the first big race of the season, that final build is always a bit of a shock to the system. So I’ve been eating and sleeping and generally trying to stay healthy while surrounded by people with varying forms of the plague. I think I’ve washed my hands more in the last two months than I have in the last year combined.

I also got a new bike which I’m SO happy about (Thank you Transition Tri!). Getting this bike has been a long time in the making, frankly I’ve needed a new bike for a couple years now ever since I changed to a more aggressive position, but I’ve been afraid to take the leap. Mainly because I was afraid of making a mistake again and ending up with another bike that was not a great fit or became another limiter. It just seemed safe to not spend the money and deal with my current situation.  At some point, the safe option becomes a limiter in itself and I woke up one morning and decided I was getting  a bike. I did a TON of research and while a bunch of bikes would have worked, the Cervelo P5 gave me the most freedom in position, meaning I have some options to move into an even more aggressive position if I choose, as a small rider, getting low enough on the front end is always the biggest challenge so I’m happy this has worked out.

Anyway, this is where I’m at lately. Generally just trying to stay relaxed, keep the stress levels low, and stay healthy. I should be back next week with another update!


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