Oh January

I have started so many blog posts lately, some I’ve actually finished, but they’ve been so uninspiring that I’ve left them to die in my drafts folder. Maybe it’s because I really don’t feel like there is anything significant going on in my life right now, I just feel busy. I also feel somewhat panicked that I’ll be racing in just over two weeks and I haven’t done any of the normal things to get ready for the first race of the season like taking inventory of all my race gear, figuring out what worked last season and what should be changed for this season. I started creating a list of my issues (triathlon-related), it’s unclear if they’ll get resolved before Dubai 70.3 and because one of my season goals is to not worry so much, I’m trying not to worry so much.

So, I’ve been playing around with my running shoes as I’m still trying to find a balance between super light and minimal but with enough cushion that I can actually walk the next day. I have a pair in mind and they are sitting in a box with tissue paper in the toes…not ideal. I might actually be going straight from box to race.

I’ve just started breaking out some new goggles (as in yesterday) and if these don’t work I don’t have a backup plan. Or rather, my backup plan is to just tough it out and find a new pair later. In hindsight, I should have thought of this before committing to five pairs.

At the end of last year, I decided I hated my quick fill front mount submarine bottle thingy and blame it for every poor race I had, this means I have to go with a standard bottle, which also changes my hydration/nutrition strategy. Please note, I DO recommend this bottle to most people, but with my setup the bottle tips forward which means half of the liquid is out of the reach of my straw, so anyway, it’s sort of useless to have all the water right there and no way to drink it.

Also last year, I kinked my brand new Ice Friction chain when I dropped it in IM Chattanooga, so I need to get this replaced and my bottom bracket has been clicking for six months which also means it probably needs to be replaced.

I got this brilliant idea that to make it through this huge long flight I have to Dubai without dying is with full body compression. I figure if compression socks work so well, a full body compression should work even better. I’m still looking for options here. Thoughts?

So hopefully you don’t mind my rambling list of things to do, sometimes it’s easier to get it all out there, which makes it feel a little more manageable. As I mentioned earlier, one of my goals this season is to not worry so much, which is much easier said than done for someone who is highly anxious and tends to worry about the most minute issues. Actually, this has been a goal for the last several years and I feel like I made some headway this past year by starting to use a planner/journal to help my work, triathlon, coaching, personal life get along a little better. I’ve stuck with the journal and it has been life changing, I write down all he things I need to do and then I can let go of all the mental lists. I honestly feel de-cluttered if that’s possible. So the past few weeks, I’ve tried to take this one step further by practicing mindful meditation. I used to make fun of people who meditated and now I’m doing it myself, funny how that happens. It’s been really helpful, its taught me to focus on the present moment as 99% of my anxieties are centered around what has happened in the past (that I can’t change) or that I’m worried about in the future (that I can’t control). But finding the time to do it has been the hardest part. I’m using the meditation to try and eliminate my constant “rushing around”, but I don’t have time to meditate because I’m constantly rushing around. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this one.

OK! That’s it for now.


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