The Total Body Failure

I was feeling invincible this week; back to banging out workouts and almost normal training volume.

Last summer, on Tuesdays, I started working only a half day from home, which has let me get in some extra training sessions. Now it’s my hardest training day of the week. Sometimes I feel like it’s a giant experiment to see how hard I can go for how long and it’s fun to basically do a half ironman every Tuesday. Normally I’ll do a long ride in the morning followed by a treadmill run and swim in the afternoon. I had been feeling pretty good all weekend and this Tuesday I nailed the workouts. So happy. I was fully recovered.

But then Wednesday happened. Total body failure.

I swam Wednesday night and now I know how the tin-man feels in the water. I’ve had issues in the past with leaving workouts, so I tried really hard to be optimistic and carry on through the workout even though it sucked. But I carried on. I was trying to eliminate all thoughts from my mind, I was literally aiming for a vacuum because every ounce of me wanted out of the water. I actually finished the swim and kept myself moving to the treadmill run. oh boy! There was walking involved…

Thursday all the pain set in. My back, hips, and hamstrings. I couldn’t believe how my body was failing me. I sent an email to my chiro, Dr. Grove, explaining the issues and she was gracious enough to squeeze me in on Friday.  This woman makes miracles happen, 30 minutes in her office and I was back to hitting workouts come Saturday morning.

Lets hope we get through this Tuesday unscathed!




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