Training, heat, and an upcoming race

This week I just about hit my limit with training. I wasn’t sure I could make it another day. It’s funny how right when those thoughts start to creep into your head, everything gets a little easier, and then it’s the weekend before a race.

It was also one of the hottest weeks we’ve had yet in Virginia with temps mostly in the 90s, and I actually love it. My favorite is getting up early for a run and heading out into the thick humid the air. I love the warmth and sweating my ass off, as long as I have enough water.

On Sunday I did my normal long run through a network of trails behind our house. It was so humid and I was pouring sweat, I noticed my shorts were so wet they were slapping against my legs every step I took. As I got closer to the more populated trails, I decided to take stock of my appearance just in case I saw someone I knew. That’s when I realized it wasn’t my shorts that were slapping against my legs, but my shirt! It was so heavy with sweat I was basically wearing a dress. I had to take it off and run the rest of the way home with the shirt in my hand.  Lesson learned.

Only a week until my second 70.3 of the season at Mont Tremblant. I’m definitely looking forward to visiting a new place and I’ve heard such amazing things about racing there. It feels like I haven’t raced much at all this season. Maybe because last season around this time I was totally tapped out, but I miss that feeling a little bit. Who knows, maybe after Ironman Canada at the end of July, I’ll throw a ton of races on the calendar and completely overdo it again.



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