Work Karma

Still here! The past two weeks got away from me a little bit. Between our Thanksgiving trip to Norway, training ramping back up, and some big projects at work, I’ve felt like I can’t quite keep up with everything I want to do. As we speak, my suitcase from almost two weeks ago now is still an explosion on my bedroom floor. I’m looking at the next few weeks ahead and I don’t see things getting any easier AND January looks worse.

I’ll admit, I’ve definitely lost sleep worrying about how I’m going to do it all and do it all well, especially with training. The reality is that worrying is going to make it worse and I have to take it day by day, and hit workouts regardless of where I am and what time it is.  I have February 1st marked off on my calendar as my finish line, the time will pass regardless of what happens and I’ll get through it.

Also, I am accumulating a ton of work karma right now. The way I view this, the more time and effort I put into work now the more it will give back to me in the future, which I’ll be so thankful for come race season, when I need the time off.

Actually, the race planning is coming together quite nicely. I will race an early 70.3 in prep for IM South Africa in April which is a sure thing at this point as I already paid in full for our safari, very exciting. Then it’s out to Wildflower Long Course in May, which is a favorite of mine, and I’m super pumped about the return of the old race format.  We should also have quite a few friends here for this one and it’s awesome sitting around talking about how hard the race was (it’s always hard). Later in the summer, I’m mixing it up with a couple surprises, I will announce these in the coming months as everything is finalized  and full commitments are made,  it’s looking to be a very interesting season.



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