Transition Month

November is my transition month. Training has ramped up again and I can tell as I’m sore almost every single day. Nate and I have started swimming together regularly which means constant racing, so this should be fun the next six months. I even had a TBF in the pool last week. But I’m still trying to do fun things on the weekends and not get too regimented this early in the season. The compromise here is that on normal days I do my hard workouts and the days that I’m traveling are my choice. This has kept the mental game intact and I’ll be ready for full on commitment come December 1.

This past weekend we went to Miami for an early Thanksgiving with Nate’s family. I seriously can’t complain: beach time, good food, mid-day drinks, hanging out, chitchatting. I also feel that it’s much easier to bond with family over three days that include lots of wine and lying around…correct me if I’m wrong. Working out was also kind of fun, we ran around Miami one day and the second day Nate and I decided to do this crossfit-inspired weight training. It’s as funny as it sounds. I wasn’t too sore the next day at least. We got back from Miami late Saturday night and slept until noon on Sunday, whoops.

This week is back to normal except we had to take Kitsey, our only child cat, to get some teeth extracted. She made it through just fine, but now she’s been in the kitchen staring at the cabinets the past two hours–pupils the size of saucers, and refuses to lie down. She’s going to be one tired Kitty when this wears off.  But we’re just happy that she lived through anesthesia.

Nate and I are headed to Norway and Amsterdam next week for the actual Thanksgiving, this should cap off the transition month quite nicely. Let me know if you have any suggestions for things to do and places to eat!


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