Another Reunion

What a great weekend. I finally got together with the ENTIRE Bucknell Crew for Lectie’s induction into the Bucknell Swimming Hall of Fame. So pretty much two amazing things to celebrate. There are six of us in our little college group and we are rarely all in one place at one time as no one actually lives in the same state, so this really was a tiny miracle. I get nervous after get-togethers like this because I wonder when it’s going to happen again as more kids are born, lives get busier, people move farther away. But somehow we all manage. It seems like after a year or so passes without seeing the group we’ll look for any reason to pack up and fly across the country. So Lectie’s induction was the perfect event and even better, it was located at our old stomping grounds.

On Sunday, we drove back from Pennsylvania with Lectie and her boyfriend Scott, who were staying with us in DC for a couple days before flying back to Hawaii. It’s kind of crazy that after almost two years without seeing Lectie I’ve seen her both in Hawaii and Virginia in less than a month. Lectie is also an accomplished triathlete, so I spent a bunch of time recruiting her to races I have tentatively planned for next year, it’s always better to race with friends. She was also my training buddy for a couple days which is always fun. I will miss the “Team Runs” with the four of us. It felt like a training camp for a little bit.  Then Lectie kicked my ass in the pool and I can barely lift my arms above my head.

As for what people actually care about, I’m still caffeine free. I will admit this past weekend was HARD. I am an anxious sleeper, meaning if I don’t get enough sleep I start to panic and wonder if I’ll make it through the day (it’s irrational, but most anxieties are), so around 1AM after several beers I announced to the group that I would be having coffee in the morning and I didn’t want to hear a word about it. I wish I had their reactions on camera, because everyone immediately took a side, Team “for coffee” and Team “against coffee”. I can’t quite remember who was who at this point, all I know is that some people were encouraging me to stop the madness while others were treating me like a drug addict as if I just announced I was getting back on heroine.  In the end, I did go through hell to get off coffee, so it would be dumb to relapse because of one late night. So the next day I got an herbal tea from Starbucks and I know more than one person took a quick sip just to check for sure. Anyway, since then I’ve had some pretty late nights/early mornings, which are starting to catch up to me, today I could REALLY use a coffee. Ugh. I’m still waiting to see the benefits, and yes, I still get a headache around 2pm every day.





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