The Perfectly Planned Weekend

How does this happen? I have a perfect weekend planned and then everything gets turned upside down. Things all went wrong at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Nate and I always go to the market together after I swim masters in the morning. Sometimes it’s the only time during the weekend we do something together, so it’s kind of fun. This Saturday, Nate realized we could buy peaches in bulk and he started talking about all the possibilities – we could put them in jars and can them and freeze them, and he’s telling me the difference between marmalade, jelly, and jam, and basically how we’re going to have fresh peaches all winter. I admit that I didn’t object, so 25 lbs of fresh peaches later and oh wait, what about that box of tomatoes? We were headed home with 50+ lbs of produce.

We got home from the Farmer’s market and Nate heads out for a 6.5 hour workout. Yup. I’m clueless about making jam but I was also freaked out that we were going to let 75 peaches go bad. So I just went for it.

The internet is amazing, I made a quick trip to Target for some supplies, hopped on the bike for a 3 hour ride, then embarked on a full evening of jam-making. Seriously, this is what my life has become.


I wish I could say that Sunday was different. But just like Saturday, Nate headed out on a 7 hour ride and left me alone with the peaches again! So between a track workout and a bike ride, I turned 25 more peaches into jam. I tasted the jam so many times I had serious buzz going.

I’m still trying to figure out where everything went wrong and how this weekend went from being my own to being all about Nate’s peaches. Luckily, right now, Nate is in the kitchen turning his box of tomatoes into something we can use a few months from now, I definitely won’t be standing at that stove for another second.

As for everything else going on in my life besides peaches? Training is going well and I feel almost fully recovered from Ironman Canada. I’m hoping August stays a somewhat quiet month until one more race in September to cap off the season.



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