Week Craziness

This week was all about strict scheduling as I returned from Mont Tremblant on Monday.  I had to make a quick turnaround for a work trip from Wednesday to Saturday, which got me home just in time for our friend’s son’s Christening. Of course, training could not be compromised since I’m just over four weeks out from IM Canada.

So what did this look like? I’ll give you an overview of the timeline. It also helped that the beginning of the week was recovery from the race and the 4th of July holiday allowed me to shift my long ride/long run over a day.

Monday – flight from Montreal to DC landing around 3 pm. I squeezed in a 2 hour ride when I got home.

Tuesday – easy 1 hour ride, work, and unpacked/repacked my suitcase. I would have kept all the same clothes in there but I was going from cool weather to hot weather clothes, it would have saved me a little time!

Wednesday – run/swim in the AM, back home to grab an uber to the airport for my 11:30 AM flight.

Thursday – finally a day off! This helped me focus on work and figure out what I needed to do while on the trip.

Friday – swim/run in the AM. Luckily I found a decent pool very close to my hotel and the running routes were not bad either. Then a full day of work!

Saturday – super early flight back to DC getting to my house around noon and straight onto the bike for a 3 hour ride. The key here is to hydrate a ton on the flight, I’ve gotten heat cramps before going straight from a flight to a super warm bike ride outside.

Sunday – another early morning for a day I call swim/christening/brunch/ride/run. This was a FULL day since the ride was five hours. I wouldn’t recommend this one, but brunch was fantastic and I felt well fueled for the ride. For this day, I had to set a hard “leave brunch” time of 1:30 to make sure I was finishing the ride at a respectable time. I hate to cut things short with friends, but this worked out well and everyone was getting up to leave at about this time too.

Monday – long run/bike/run. Thank goodness for the Tuesday holiday. I worked an abbreviated day from home to get all my workouts in. Tomorrow will be a day off from work, but probably not a day off from working out!

This is just a little snippet of one of my busier weeks. I definitely felt busy but I never felt stressed. It’s not always easy to stay relaxed, but I did well going with the flow and taking things one day at a time.



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