Some time to relax

I got some time to relax this week and not for the reasons you might think. My husband was traveling Sunday through Tuesday evening and I reverted back to “college Leslie” for a few days. This means eating every meal out, not cleaning the house, and going to bed before 9. Obviously this isn’t very sustainable and I was frantic come Tuesday trying to get everything in order so my husband doesn’t realize what he actually married, but I think it was worth it overall!

To make the week even more fantastic, Wednesday I had a rare swim only day which I banged out in the morning, hit work for the day, and met my friend at our favorite dinner place for Bibimbap that night. I love meeting her for dinner because she might actually be the only person more tired than  me as she’s a stay at home mom for three kids under 4.We were both celebrating a little bit, she left two of her kids with her in-laws in North Carolina for the week and I’ve been basking in the glow of Ironman recovery.

This weekend I’m back to a normal training schedule. It was fun while it lasted. Now to focus for a couple months with Mont Tremblant 70.3 and Ironman Canada coming up pretty quickly.


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