May 1 Update

This past week has been nice as workouts are still light recovering from Ironman Texas. I planned on spending the week catching up on all the things I haven’t done in the build to  Texas, but instead I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the vet with a sick cat! Luckily Kitsey is fully recovered from her illness, but it was not a fun two days for either of us. Thankfully I was able to work from home both days so I got the work hours I needed. I usually flex time and can handle a half day off mid week, but since I planned on not working Friday, I needed full days, which made this a little stressful.

Friday, Nate and I were off work and headed to Shenandoah National Park for our annual Skyline Drive ride. This is a two day trip where we ride from Front Royal to Waynesboro on Day 1 and back to our cars on Day 2 (220-ish miles total). We were expecting to have 70+ people this year but with cold and rainy weather in the forecast many people did not show and even less actually completed the full ride. I learned my lesson from last year and packed all the clothes I owned, so I actually ended up quite warm for most of the ride. I even resorted to a North Face Rain Jacket for the long descent on Day 2, I looked ridiculous, but pretty sure I was the most comfortable of everyone!

I’m super happy that today I only have a light swim. I’m wrecked from the two days of riding and still not fully recovered from Ironman. Now just to get ahead on laundry and unpack from this weekend AND Texas (ugh, I know, suit case is still full and hidden in the office…don’t judge).



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