Girls Weekend

This weekend I drove to Pennsylvania to meet up with my group of girlfriends from college. We try to make a point to meet up at least once a year to sit around and do nothing. Usually we are seeing each other at weddings, but in March we all went to Napa together, which was our first planned vacation.


Trish, Jackie (and Teddy), Lectie, Carlyn, Me, and Nikki in Napa. So fun!

This time we went to Jackie’s house so we could all meet her new baby, Teddy. We talked about Teddy so much in Napa when Jackie was pregnant, meeting him was a must. Despite the fact I get a little nervous around babies, I loved Teddy and he was just as cute and fun in person as I expected…although he puked a lot, Jackie said that was normal.


Me: The Baby Whisperer. Clearly I don’t know what to do around children.

Usually when all the girls get together we try to recreate college as much as possible by sitting around in our pajamas, gossiping, and watching trashy tv. So that’s exactly what we did. We also played Mario Party, which was a college staple.


Trish setting up the Wii. She’s also the only one who’s played video games since college, haha.

It was so much fun seeing everyone and even though people have gotten married, divorced, engaged, had a baby, gotten grad degrees, it is like nothing has ever changed. It was also great seeing Jackie’s husband Jake who we were all friends with in college too. He was able to fill us in on all the guy gossip, he also helped us reminisce about some of the greatest college moments like when the boys threw roadkill into the girl’s kitchen and drove off. It was as gross as it sounds.

We all planned to get together again next November, but I hope I see at least each of them once before then. Almost a year is way too long.


Lectie’s Bachelorette Party at Bucknell in 2009


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